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Widow's Walk League
Unfolding of information and clues is superb, keeping you guessing until the end.
-- Danye Williamson, Owner of Breakthrough Bookstore

Creative and well crafted.
-- Fran Lewis, Vine Voice Reviewer

Wonderful mystery filled with colorful characters and clever misdirection.
-- Lynn Garthwaite, Minneapolis Writing Examiner

Buying Murder ... gives readers a gripping mystery.  When police cannot make this cold case a priority, Regan breaks her previous vow to stop playing amateur detective, taking readers along with her following the clues to attempt to solve the murder.

Has Regan bought more than she can handle this time?  Jarvis keeps readers caught up in this excellently plotted story, with its unanticipated twists and turns, right to its satisfying conclusion.
-- Angie Mangino, book reviewer for the San Francisco and Sacramento Book Reviewer

I have just finished reading my copy of Buying Murder and I thoroughly enjoyed every page ... With its brisker pace overall, its array of interesting and plausible characters, its realistic dialogue, and especially with the physical danger Regan experiences early in the story, Buying Murder kept me fully intrigued from the start.
-- J.T. Osgood, Teacher

On Buying Murder: Love the story, it really flows well ... got the ending right ... it felt right, felt good.
-- Morgan Rankin of the Battle Mountain News

I am a Romance reader, but I like to mix it up a bit. Since I have a huge stash of Historical Romances, I was getting sick of them. This came just in time. There's nothing like curling up with a good mystery when the wind is howling against the windows! Add some homemade cookies (and the recipe) from the recipe at Good Read Mysteries, and you have a great gift! Like any good mystery, Backyard Bones left me tense and a little scared! Turn all the lights on, lock the doors, and settle in!
-- Kelli Allen review on Three Boys and a Dog

Nancy reads the first chapter of her book Backyard Bones on Blog Talk Radio.
-- Lillian Brummet, Host of Author's Read on Blog Talk Radio
      (Listen to Nancy and Lillian Brummet from Blog Radio on 12/07/09)

Hi Nancy, I'm hoping you'll receive this email. I picked up your book on the 3rd of April at the Lincoln local bookstore and I finally had a chance to start reading it yesterday, April 14th. Well, I'm already done and I just wanted to let you know how much I *_Love_* your book. I know you mentioned to me that you thought it had a slow start, No, definitely not. I was stuck like glue to it the minute I started it. I can't wait to give my girlfriend the 2nd copy I purchased from you so she can start asap.

Page 296 sounds just like me. My husband and 3 teenage boys look at me sometimes after I commented on something and just shake their heads and stay stuff like "we won't let mom out of the house today".

Thanks for writing a great book and look forward to reading Backyard Bones.
-- Michele Holland

... The puzzles are fun to solve ...
-- Santa Cruz Sentinel

Backyard Bones ... keeps you intrigued with the twists and turns of who did it.
Death Contingency ... This book is a good read. I recommend this book highly.
-- Belinda Kennington, Mystery Book Reviewer, Premier Book Reviews

Just finished reading your book...enjoyed it thoroughly even though I'm not a regular mystery reader.

I thought I had the motive from the beginning, but you developed a very timely and surprising, almost acceptable, reason for killing someone...nicely done.

Congratulations on a very good mystery! Hope to see more of the Bonny Doon Number 1 Ladies Detective series.
-- Barbara Louv
[Editor of Memories of the Mountain and Author of Choose a Career in Science.]

The Death Contingency draws on the colorful world of local real estate.
-- The Scotts Valley Press-Banner

Nancy, I just finished your book...I particularly love the ending!  My goodness, I cannot even imagine writing a book...and you did your first one so well.  I am very impressed!  And it was so fun being familiar with the locale.  The Bonny Doon Fire Team must be proud!  I just handled it off to my husband, I did not give him any 'details', just said the setting was Santa Cruz County.  So, we'll see...he has some quiet time coming along...see the next paragraph.

Tomorrow I am off to Palm Springs -with the friend that I bought your book for!
-- Pat Pfremmer   [Private Investigator and Bonny Doon resident]